Heatup Roundup: Mmm, Rendered Fat Edition

Forgive the Simpsons quote but we start off with Rob McMillin's report of a plan to convert rendered animal fat to biodiesel. The animal-fat car should race against the vegetable-oil car. Then humans will truly have dominion!
Gary Jones, however, is skeptical of biofuel. We'll need all the corn to feed our growing population!
• There's going to be 2.3 assloads more floods in our climate changed world, according to a report by the journal Geophysical Research Letters, also known for its spicy crosswords. Link
• Speaking of floods, RP Jr. points out that our national flood insurance policy still thinks it's 1945 or something and is not ready for the 2.3 assload increase. (Note: his post incompletely skimmed by me.)
• But how will we insure our climate-changed future? By using money!
• I'm not statistically inclined, but this post makes me think that the Climate Audit website hates the RealClimate website. Wait, that's not news.

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