Yesterday I ran into a writer friend of mine, who like me is writing a pilot.

HIM: I'm writing this, and I realize that I'm a very bad writer.
ME: I know. I feel like, at most, 70% of a man right now.

That's what the first draft is like.

But today I am starting to rewrite! And, as much as I hate writing, that's how much I like rewriting. First drafts are a pain in the ass -- they're wasteful, such a huge percentage of stuff that you know as you're writing it will never see the light of day.

But then you make your decisions about what to do with this junky pile of papers that represent the failure of your career, and indeed the failure of your character as a human person, and start rewriting and it starts to feel better. Almost everything you do is improving the script -- except for the intractable problems, like one's lack of talent. But even that, now that your mood is better, doesn't seem insurmountable.

Then what am I doing here instead of rewriting? I can't take too much good feeling, that's what.

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