The Meme of the Four

Via BOP and Teachout, which I haven't read lately:

Four jobs you've had: Meatroom clerk, record store clerk, temporary secretary, Executive Producer

Four movies you could watch over and over Annie Hall, Spinal Tap, Duck Soup, Godfather II

Four places you've lived: Palo Alto, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Hollywood

Four TV shows you love to watch: Simpsons, Daily Show, The Office (USA), Hockey Night In Canada, esp. "Coach's Corner"

Four places you've been on vacation: Brewster, MA, Nice, Quebec, PQ, Kona, HI

Four Websites you visit daily: Deadspin, Andrew Tobias, The Morning News, Digby

Four favorite foods: Zankou chicken, Stilton, oysters, really fresh porter

Four places you'd rather be: Saratoga Springs, NY, Paris, SBC Park (ne Pac Bell), in The New Yorker

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