From John Spencer's obituary in the Los Angeles Times:

"Right after he signed the contract for the pilot, his agent called again to say he'd just come across 'the best new American play' he'd ever read, called 'The Glimmer Brothers,' Spencer told The Times in 2001.

Again, it was a role that Spencer felt he couldn't pass up.

He played Martin Glimmer, a dissolute trumpet player who's about to pay the final dues of a hard life, at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts during 'The West Wing's' summer hiatus in 1999.

Two years later, he revived his well-reviewed role in 'Glimmer, Glimmer and Shine' — same play, different title — at the Mark Taper Forum while filming 'The West Wing.'"

Question, class: Who wrote this play? Who knows? Who gives a shit -- it's just the writer! This is the best new American play ever and the LA Times doesn't care to tell us who wrote it. I guess it really is a Los Angeles paper after all!

N.B. -- It was written by Warren Leight, Mrs. D and I saw it at the Taper, and agreed this morning that, while a nice enough play (and it's a great part for Spencer and he played it for all it was worth), if it's the best new American play ever that says more about the theater than about the play.

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