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Let others be scared of terrorism; that's penny-ante stuff. We want to be scared of la longue duree; it's more existential-y. Thus climate change is perfect. The natural contrarian in me would love to believe that, because it's the fashion to be scared of it, it means that everyone's wrong. But I don't see the evidence.

What I have been doing is reading a bunch of climate blogs, so from time to time I will bring you a Delicious RSS (DRSS) of what I find. Today, for example, via Climate Change Blog, we have Dr. James Hansen, who's Senate testimony in 1988 was the first big alarm bell, writing in the International Herald Tribune:

The Earth's temperature, with rapid global warming over the past 30 years, is now passing through the peak level of the Holocene, a period of relatively stable climate that has existed for more than 10,000 years. Further warming of more than one degree Celsius will make the Earth warmer than it has been in a million years.

Business-as-usual scenarios, with fossil fuel (CO²) emissions continuing to increase at 2 percent per year as in the past decade, will yield additional warming of two or three degrees this century. That implies practically a different planet.

The Earth's climate is nearing, but has not passed, a tipping point beyond which it will be impossible to avoid climate change with far-ranging undesirable consequences. These include not only the loss of the Arctic as we know it, with all that implies for wildlife and indigenous peoples, but losses on a much vaster scale due to rising seas.


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