Just posting about "Just Asking"

Mark A. R. Kleiman writes:

"How is it that the entire debate about the Kelo eminent-domain decision has run its course without anyone mentioning that the President of the United States made most of his huge fortune by arranging for exactly that sort of taking of private property for private use?"

Schwarzenegger Bullshit Watch (17)

Now the Angels stink.


One of the signs my life might be a little dull

I notice, with pleasure, new billboards on my commute home.


National Anthem notes

Hollywood Bowl, a couple of weeks ago -- Chardonnay-sipping, show-tune loving elites enthusastically join in.

All-American game of baseball at Dodger Stadium, last night -- no one sings.

Chardonnay-sipping elites actually more patriotic than sports fans? Probably!

PS-- This has got to be one of the worst Dodger teams in the history of Los Angeles.



I'm faster than the pope

I use flat-screen monitors as paper plates

I drink my stein of heavy cream before everyone else

I can convert numbers in my head to base eight

I can finish Talking Points while you're still reading Eschaton


Check it

Panel Sees Growing Melting Arctic Threat:

"The rate of ice melting in the Arctic is increasing and a panel of researchers says it sees no natural process that is likely to change that trend.

Within a century the melting could lead to summertime ice-free ocean conditions not seen in the area in a million years, the group said Tuesday.

Melting of land-based glaciers could take much longer but could raise the sea levels, potentially affecting coastal regions worldwide.

And changes to the permafrost could undermine buildings, drain water into bogs and release additional carbon into the atmosphere."

A million years! That'll be interesting!



Since one of our big problems in Iraq seems to be securing the road to the airport, would it help us if we re-named the airport Reagan International?


Flip over to the march of Folly.
The harebrained scheme processes by
To sing its song (while anchors rally) --
A soaring tune whose lyrics lie:

"That desert there will be a beach
Once Babylon hears Houston teach.
Assume an ocean in that sand."
If you pipe up, "It's locked in land,"

Watch what you say. You're not alive
To Folly's simple, hooky song.
Enemies say the words are wrong --
That's all you are. Now watch this drive.

Folly casts a comfy cloud
And wraps around us like a shroud.

Test 2

Test, yes?


Unfortunate or, maybe it's okay to smoke

For those who like a modicum of stability, this is bad news and this isn't good either and neither is this.

Sample quote:

The spectacular disintegration of Antarctica's "Larsen-B" Ice Shelf was unprecedented since the last ice age, according to a recent study to be published next week in Nature. And the disintegrating Antarctic ice could have huge implications for global warming and rising sea levels.

Using sediment core and oxygen isotope analysis, researchers have recently proved that Larsen B -- which disintegrated in 35 days in 2002 -- had been a stable ice shelf 200 metres thick with a surface area of 3,250 square kilometres for at least 10,000 years.

Fantastic. I think I'll go have a cigar.



You go away for a week, and the dudes at Yard Work blog their baseball-satire-loving asses off. Sample (the persona is Larry Bowa on Ryne Sandberg, but Ron Burgundy and Howard Dean are the latest posters):

"When did it become OK for someone to hit home runs and forget how to play the rest of the game?"When folks f*cking figured out that bunting's for sissy b*tches and pitchers! And "respect" blah blah "respect" blah blah "respect". Just say "White power" and get the f*ck off the stage, you boring sad c*ntrod. The only time I took you under my wing was when I was giving you a f*cking headlock and fist massage while Schmidtty filled your shoes w/ dogsh*t and Charlie Hustle took yr daily stipend to the dog track."

"The pure products of America go crazy"

...said William Carlos Williams. How did he know about kiddie birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese's so far ahead of his time?


The Fredrick Jackson Turner theory of obesity

, which is mine, is that, with the frontier closed, the only space Americans can conquer is the space right around their bodies. Hence, they must become larger. A typical line at Disney World, then, is only the wagon-train spirit writ large -- very large.