Silly Sullivan

The Decembrist quotes Andrew Sullivan on a flat tax thusly:

"Punishing people for being successful is morally wrong and counter-productive. We should at least treat hard work neutrally, rather than punitively"

To which Schmitt replies:

"[J]ust what evidence is there of a direct correlation between "hard work" and earnings? Do we really believe that people who make $35,000 work so much less hard than people who make $200,000?"

That's a polite way of putting it. Here's my way:

1. The fucker obviously doesn't give a shit about the raising of children if he thinks it isn't hard work. And

2. I thought the fucker was Catholic. Then what the hell has he been doing in Mass, reading Entertainment Weekly? I'm no expert in Catholic social thought, but I'm pretty damn sure it doesn't say that people who don't make money haven't worked hard. Even Michael Novak, who is also a fucker, wouldn't draw that conclusion -- although I imagine he would endorse the idea that people who make a lot of money are ipso facto "successful."

But I suppose Dorothy Day was among the "decadent fifth column on the coasts."

I am sorry about the language, really I am, but nothing gets me madder than this -- the idea that the wealthy are "the most productive members of society." You hear it a lot when it comes to rightwing tax policy. It is a terrible and evil and ultimately sad way to look at life, to measure productivity, success, worth by income. It disrespects almost everyone in my family, and everyone I grew up with -- for they are, I guess, less productive than some shit from Short Hills, N.J. It goes to the rightwing desire for orders in society, for culling the herd, for separating the sheep from the goats. And I thought that was a job that the god Sullivan allegedly worships reserved to himself.

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