We Aren't The World

I have no bloggy "take" on this; it doesn't even seem hypocritical; but for some reason it strikes me as an amusing irony, or something:

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Geldof cast as 'Mr Bloody Africa': "Singer and campaigner Bob Geldof has dubbed himself 'Mr Bloody Africa' for his role as a reluctant spokesman on issues concerning the continent.

Visiting Africa 'bores me profoundly' but the media has confused the roles of politicians and celebrities, he said.

'Who's interested if the leader of Niger goes on Newsnight?' he told Radio Times magazine. 'It's 'get Geldof'. I'm 'Mr Bloody Africa'.'

Geldof will get a lifetime achievement honour at the Brit Awards next week.
...Of his work in Africa, he said: 'I'd dearly love not to have to go there the day after tomorrow.

'More often than not, it bores me profoundly - the pace of change is far too slow, and Africans excuse their own complicity in exactly the same way as our politicians. "

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