Schwarzenegger bullshit watch (11)

It's been too long! From George Skelton's LA Times column :

"Legislative Analyst Elizabeth G. Hill is so objective, nonpartisan and esteemed she's known as 'the budget nun.' On Tuesday, she took a swipe at Schwarzenegger's proposed budget-control 'reform.' Under it, if there was a budget hole that the Legislature couldn't fix, spending automatically would be cut across the board.

Hill wrote: 'The governor [says] the main purpose of the reforms is to deal with 'autopilot spending' and instill discipline in future budgets. [But his] specific proposals work in exactly the opposite direction... They would put more spending on autopilot and make it more difficult to balance future budgets in a rational way.'"

In fairness (why am I trying for fairness?) -- not all of this is Governor Bullshit's fault. The bigger problem is that direct democracy -- the intiative -- is bringing about the exact problems the Tories warned us democracy would bring about 200 years ago. But Gov. B. isn't helping.

I was going to bullshit-watch about Schwarzenegger, a former steroid-using bodybuilder, sponsoring a steroid-laden bodybuilding competition while officially opposing steroid use. But the idea of an authority figure telling people not to do something he himself did is a tactic that, as a parent, I would like to reserve for possible use.

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