Puck contrarian

Since I'm enjoyably in a hockey rut...

1. The sportswriters may bluster but I, for one, intend to come flocking back when the NHL starts up again. Why wouldn't I? They're one of my preferred entertainment consumables. What "faith" have they broken with me? I just don't understand the moral tone (as I so often don't). I'm a user, myself, but the people who say things like "regaining trust" apparently did love the NHL enough to marry it.

2. I am in an entertainment union myself, and our big demand last year was to increase our share of DVD revenue. The studios basically said, "Go ahead and strike," and we caved. (As did the directors.) I think it was the right move, but I have a sneaking admiration for the near-suicidal lengths the NHLPA was willing to go to defend its own line in the sand. Their union was willing to pay a price our union couldn't, so I have to hand it to them even as I note that both of us wound up in the same place.

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