NY Times Conspiracy Theory

So I'm painting my daughter's bedroom and my paint can is on a copy of the NY Times -- right on the front page (Arts) review of Danner's torture book. And I thought, I bet in the 70s the Times would have been on that story's ass. Not now. The Times is not a liberal paper -- look at its Op-Ed. Paul Krugman is not a liberal; he worked for Reagan, fer crissake.

And why is that? I have a theory. It's because the Times is trying to be, or maybe by its standards already is, a national paper. That is, one delivered to doorsteps in Birmingham, Alabama (suburban Birmingham is probably more like it) and Dallas, Texas and retirement communities in Arizona. Old-fashioned Upper West Side liberalism isn't going to fly off the shelves in those markets. They've got to put the hay down where the goats can get at it.

If I were a liberal sitting around with pots of money I'd do what Moon and Murdoch do and start a paper. It has more throwweight than a blog. A liberal tabloid, in fact, to give the left some needed red-meat practice. LA needs a tabloid. So does Washington...

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