The last war

Yglesias, il miglior fabbro writes:

"During the 2004 campaign, liberals of various stripes spent a lot of time patting ourselves on the back for avoiding the usual intra-liberal sniping, but in retrospect that looks pretty counterproductive to me. If Michael Moore and Dennis Kucinich had occasionally taken the time to note that while John Kerry was preferable to the incumbent, he and his advisers were still objectionably hawkish, that probably would have done a lot of good. "

I don't believe this is true,really, but even if it is Mr. Y. is forgetting about the campaign before that, when Michael Moore was very busy engaging in intra-liberal sniping and 3 percent of the liberals voted for Nader, thereby screwing everything up. My memory is fading, but I seem to recall that is was a priority last year to avoid that outcome. You can't have Michael Moore outside the tent pissing in and inside the tent pissing out at the same time; myself, I prefer avoiding the already-demonstrated danger to the merely-theoretical danger.