Kaus is right

He rips Bernard Weinraub. My favorite part:

"(Weinraub's real problem, of course, wasn't that he drove a two year old car. It's that he drove a Buick! Duh! No wonder he was embarrassed. It's a boring car. There are hundreds of two, ten and twenty year old vehicles Weinraub could have driven that cost the same or less than a two-year-old Buick and wouldn't have been embarrassing at all to a sane person. A Buick says 'I'm clueless and I need a truss.' It's a style and vitality question, not a money question--and it's revealing that Weinraub sees only the latter.)"

True. I drove a '92 Saturn for the longest time, and loved getting it at the valet, imagining myself scoring points in a Stephen Potter Gamesmanship-type sense -- the Wrong Car Gambit. This was probably not the case, but I was already a writer and therefore unrespected, so the important thing was not how they felt but how I felt.

The other problem is that Weinraub bent the knee to the movie business. As a television worker I harbor a grudge against the movie business, as they sit at the cool tables in Hollywood while we work our asses off (and, generally, make more money, although I don't know if it's true of executives); and, sometimes, make better product. Even with the debased state of TV comedy we are still doing better work than the movie people.

I myself have had more than one acquaintance go to the Golden Globes and then talk like a Photoplay subscriber over all the movie stars they saw there, to which I usually reply, my voice rising unpleasantly, "Big deal! You work with better actors every day!"

I would also add in passing that television, which is in everyone's house every day, is poorly covered and poorly understood when compared with the blanket coverage of movies. Escapist journalism has an excuse for this imbalance. The New York Times, not so much.

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