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Steve Clemons:

"George W. Bush has just asked Congress -- as of late last night -- for another $82 billion to fund our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If approved, our total direct spending on these wars -- according to the Congressional Research Service -- will be $275 billion. (If you count opportunity costs because of the dramatic damage to the mystique of American power -- the costs may be incalculable).

The American population is slightly larger than 275 million people -- but the cost per person, in this country is about $1,000.00 a head for the Afghan and Iraqi Wars and Iraq Occupation. That's a lot of money -- particularly when roughly a third of the American population are not yet working or are retired. If we adjust out those at the young and old range, the burden of these wars on working age Americans is about $1,500.00 per person."

There's a good Slate article on this also.

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