Evidence that Red Sox fandom, already borderline annoying, is getting out of hand

Via Peter King, this quote from Johnny Damon:

'It's incredible. Even being mentioned in the same sentence as Jesus or God ... I mean, those guys are awesome. I'm just a knucklehead.'"

And, you know, the thing that was awesome about Jesus was that he had the heart of a true competitor. I know, because I saw it in a stained glass window.

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roy said...

Aw, now give Johnny some space. He's the sort of player that, in prior, shorter-haired days, might have spent his off-season marching back and forth in some two-family house in Brookline wondering if his hammies would hold out long enough to earn him a modest retirement shack in Long Beach. Instead he finds himself the hipshit avatar of a championship team unusually well-poised to repeat.

At least he's still presenting himself as the dumbass he obviously, really is, and I look forward to seeing him and the boys trying to keep their crowns on straight this season.