Drinking note

So I added DrinkBoy to the blogroll even though he hasn't updated his site in a year. This is OK, even though I miss his essays, because it's cockail recipes, and most new cocktail recipes assume that 1) it is no thing to get your hands on a bottle of blue curacao; and 2) you have a tycoons-second-wife's-breasts-sized liquor cabinet that can easily hold a bottle of blue curacao. In fact, you can put it right next to the bottle of foul-tasting Pernod you bought during a since-regretted Provencal phase.

Anyway, I made a Manhattan according to his recipe and it was delicious. But here's the thing -- use rye whiskey. Bourbon is too sweet and fucks with the sweet vermouth. Rye is not sweet. Plus you're drinking rye! After a pop or five you can answer the phone, "Sweetheart, get me rewrite." Wait, Matt Drudge probably already does that.

Note: I guess you could use Canadian whisk(e)y but it's not as good, trust me.

Note 2: I was told that some years ago ArtForum decided that the King Cole bar at the St. Regis had the best Manhattans in Manhattan. They are pretty good. But, heeding Juan Cole, I don't know enough about the subject to judge.

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