Zbig on Iraq

Just to second something I found in The Washington Note:

" On Iraq, the clearest headline from Scowcroft was his observation that the coming election, even if it takes place, 'won't be a promising transformation, and it has great potential for deepening the conflict; we may be seeing incipient civil war at this time.' And even if ultimate success is possible, it will be a 10 year process. Quite frankly, Scowcroft said, the current situation is so dire that the real question for today is the fundamental one of 'whether we get out now'...by implication, before too much damage is done world wide.

-- 'Zbig's' headline, arrived via a detailed discussion of the cascade, the reasons for it, and his forthright prediction that nothing less than 500,000 troops, $200-billion a year, a new Draft, and 'war taxation' would be required to 'prevail' in the long run. But, he noted, 'Not even [a dictatorship like] the Soviet Union was prepared to [go to such extremes] in Afghanistan. There comes a point in the life of a nation when such sacrifices are not justified...and only time will tell if [the United States] is facing a moment of wisdom, or cultural decay.'"

Of course there's no reason why it can't be a moment of wisdom and cultural decay at the same time.

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