Why I hate Hollywood Democrats even though I suppose I am one

From the Hollywood Reporter. No link because I'm not a subscriber. I am an awesome typist, though, so here goes:

Robin Williams kept up his 100-mph shtick in the press room after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Asked what he tought of this week's presidential inauguration, he cracked, "Yeah, sorta funny that George Bush was in the same National Guard unit as Bigfoot."

Aaaargh. Someone should tell him that this type of thing is bad for the party (and for comedy), but God knows it's hard to tell stars anything sometimes.

It does remind me of this funny Onion article which is behind the subscriber wall, so I'll just quote the lead:

Robin Williams Leaves Entertainment Reporter In Stitches -- LOS ANGELES—Comic wildman Robin Williams left Entertainment Tonight reporter Maria Menounos in stitches Monday, cracking her up with a manic, off-the-cuff comedic riff covering everything from Survivor to Botox.

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