Schwarzenegger bullshit watch (6)

Not bullshit, strictly speaking, but a little stinky :

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to abolish the independent boards that regulate California professionals has outraged public watchdogs, who say it would eradicate years of reform that curtailed the influence of trade groups over those who oversee them.

The changes would save no taxpayer money but would give the governor complete power in setting the rules that govern doctors, nurses and most of the state's 230 professions.

Schwarzenegger's plan to overhaul state government, submitted late Thursday, would transfer the jobs of those boards to administration agencies such as the Department of Consumer Affairs. Many of the boards — including those that oversee physicians, dentists and nurses — had not been slated for elimination by Schwarzenegger's own expert panel, the California Performance Review.

[...]Administration officials said they did not know how much, if any, money the changes would save. But because most of the regulatory boards are supported by the fees of those they license, savings would not go back to taxpayers.

[...]The governor also declined to eliminate the New Motor Vehicle Board, which handles disputes between car dealers and manufacturers, even though the performance review had said "there is no need for a governmental body to take on this work." The board is supported by California's car dealers, who are among Schwarzenegger's largest financial supporters.

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