But it does move.

Via The Daou Report (but I clicked the link to make sure of context!) I see the following:

"BOORTZ 'The current issue of Time calls Social Security the best social program ever.  Sorry, they have it wrong.  The best social program ever is a system of economic liberty featuring capitalism and free enterprise operating under a system based on the rule of law.  No program, private or public, has ever done so much to raise so many from the depths of poverty and despair as has capitalism."

I'm biased, of course, but I detect a certain trial-of-Galileo tone to this. Capitalism does not revolve around the sun, the sun revolves around capitalism. It's like Time screwed up here because they didn't get a nihil obstat from the American Enterprise Institute before praising Social Security.

The thought crosses my mind that capitalism has also done a fair bit to cause poverty and despair as well -- see Orwell, for example, or Jacob Riis. Or Dickens. Or ask that old red diaper baby Bismarck, who invented Social Security.

The whole point of the safety net is to mitigate the side effects of capitalism and, thereby, make it more effective. But that doesn't square with the current doctrine of plutocentricity, I guess.

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