Bush 73, The Citadel 0

Apropos of this:

"The Dems need to realize that Bush's dishonest plan to destroy Social Security isn't something which should send them scurrying for cover, as they've been doing for years, but something which will allow them to win in '06. Just get smart, and most of all stick together. The instant this is 'bipartisan' it's over, and you're a big bunch of losers again. Clinton health/tax plans? 1994 elections? Ring any bells?"

it occurs to me that maybe the Bushies are maybe, just maybe, screwing up their Social Security rollout. They haven't offered a specific plan to debate, just the principle of privatization. And that has given the opposition time to get organized.

Okay, you say, but aren't the Bushies undefeated (politically)? Haven't they rolled up all opposition? Yes, but consider the opposition. The Democrats are like North Texas State or Vanderbilt -- creampuff opposition you schedule for homecoming. Or they have been. They might be a good recruiting year away from contention.

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