I don't do nearly as much sports blogging as I do reading about sports, because it's boring, but I did want to second Joe Sheehan's thoughts on steroid use in today's Baseball Prospectus (subscription only):

"...[D]on't we praise players who run into walls, who play hurt, who undergo risky experimental surgeries to mask pain and add stability so that they can take the field in a big game? The differences between a football player downing painkillers to get through Sunday, a pitcher taking a cortisone shot to get through September, and a slugger using THG to be more productive, aren't nearly as clear as they might seem."

Steroid use seems crazy risky to me, but it doesn't seem as clearly immoral as some sportswriters make out to be, and for this reason. Sportswriters moralize an awful lot for people who get that much free food. But then again, so do bishops.

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