The Law of Reverse Caring (or, Goe, Little Pilot)

Tomorrow I get network notes on my pilot. This has been a fairly successful voyage so far because I have applied the Law of Reverse Caring: the project you pour your soul into is the one you can't sell, whereas the one where you're cold and professional, and/or you can't even tell if it's any good, has wonderful luck.

The reasons for this seem obvious to me: the thing you care about probably gains your affection because it's different, or it's what TV needs, etc. etc. The people you're selling to are not passionate about being different for difference's sake; and the odds are low that your assessment of what TV needs will coincide with the TV executives' assessment. (NOTE: this isn't pejorative. A lot of writers have bad ideas to fix TV.)

Whereas when you're cold and professional you're more or less on the same playing field as your client, not trying to "fix" the "mistakes" you perceive your client to be making. So the Law of Reverse Caring (actually more of a rule of thumb) is better for business, but perhaps bad for TV as a whole.

In any case after that the Family Delicious heads for points north and we'll go no more a-blogging this year. Happy merry and so forth.