Baby it's Cold(ish) Outside

Here in the Southland it's in the 30s when one gets up in the morning these days, so LABlogs thought they'd ask a few questions, and I thought I'd answer:

1. Do you own a winter jacket?

I'm a northeastern expat, so yes. But I save it for genuine cold weather.

2. Do you like the winter mountain sports? Skiing, boarding, sledding, snowshoe, etc...

I grew up country, so I like them if they're convenient, in particular X-C skiing. Worth doing, but not worth going to do.

3. Big Bear, Mammoth or other?


4. Favorite hot drink?

Coffee is the revealed preference here. Grog a l'americaine, for a cold; I tried it first because of this Elizabeth Bishop poem, but stayed for the taste.

5. Heater setting?

Lower than Mrs. Delicious's.

6. At night, more blankets, more pajamas, more heater are all of the above?

Blankets, baby.

7. Do you go out and enjoy the cold or bundle up and stay inside?

The two are not mutually exclusive. What is also enjoyable about unseasonal LA coolness is clearness -- driving east on the 10, I see these huge mountains looming behind downtown and I think, damn, I'm in the West.

8. Cold temps. Stay for a while or bring back the 70s?

The 70s will always be with us. Accordingly let us enjoy a cool interim, unless in some way it's a harbinger of catastrophic climate change, in which case let us be scared shitless.

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