Awesome! (Christmas division)

Television's 'Yule Log' Going National:

" Television's 'Yule Log,' a 38-year-old New York holiday tradition featuring a filmed loop of a roaring fireplace set to music, is going national this year on Superstation WGN, parent company Tribune Broadcasting said on Monday.

The yule log, which debuted in 1966 on WPIX Channel 11 in New York City and returned by popular demand in 2001 after a 12-year hiatus, will air again on its home station as a four-hour telecast on Dec. 25.

The holiday video offering has won its time period for WPIX in New York's local Nielsen Media Research ratings each year since its comeback three years ago.

In addition, portions of the commercial-free broadcast will be carried nationally starting at 1:30 a.m. EST on Chicago-based Superstation WGN, which like WPIX is owned by Tribune Broadcasting.

The first yule log broadcast was a 17-second film of the fireplace at Gracie Mansion, then the official residence of New York Mayor John Lindsay. The film was later looped to fill a two-hour broadcast, and has been re-shot a number of times. "

(Emphasis added because it amuses me so.) Of course, some of us want to see the old broadcast so we can laugh at the fashionable fire styles of the 60s. They called those flames?

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