I'd prefer to blog about politics, for reasons that aren't clear to me, but TV is what I know, and Pixar tells us what's wrong with network TV.

With The Incredibles, Pixar enjoys its sixth success. And what makes them so good is that there are no suits. Not that they don't rework things or give painstaking notes; but, as I understand it, it all comes from fellow creators, people who have made their bones doing what the writers and directors are doing.

Contrast network TV, where the notes come from people who worked their way up from being assistants in the studio offices. Huge amounts of energy must be spent adjusting and/or fighting back these notes -- a political analogy would be the Swift Boat ads.

The point is that successful creative product -- and I mean commercially successful -- tends to come from people who are creating to impress themselves and their friends. I can think of a million counter-examples, of course; but I still believe that, in times when the old formulas don't work, a period of artists-only can point the way to new, greenback-laden pastures.

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