My two cents...

Another CNN president!:

"Walton said Klein's first task will be to remake CNN's primetime, which has struggled to find its footing and has no ratings hits outside of 'Larry King Live.' Any ratings uptick in that daypart would have the greatest impact, because higher numbers are watching television."

(Via Variety, of course -- your preferred source for news with old, cumbersome slang.) While I would enjoy seeing CNN decide to inch leftward, so that we could have fights about the news at my gym, I do strongly feel that they have to get rid of that grinning death's head Larry King. Not just to cut off one of the hydra heads of shit celebrity culture -- as noble and doomed an enterprise as that would be. But because how can you say you're "remaking a brand" when you've got TV's leading reminder of our hideous mortality occupying your prime real estate?

As a side note, I like how Variety -- Variety! -- has to remind its readers that more people watch TV during prime time. Who do they think they are, the New York Times?

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