KUSC, the public classical station here in LA, cracked me up twice this morning:

1. First they said, "Classical music the way Bach, Beethoven and Brahms wanted it to be heard." Really? I mean, I'm no scholar, but...really? In the car and stuff? Do they mind if I turn it on because Jim Rome's interviewing some lame football player on AM? (John Cage wouldn't, I bet.)

2. Two stoplights later the morning DJ says, "This seems like a good morning for Tchaikovsky." This is hilarious because I believe the KUSC DJs prerecord their wraparounds in Colorado -- at the Strategic Air Command or something -- and then it's canned and shipped here to LA, where it's reconstituted on air, before your eyes. To me, the illusion of spontaneity ("this particular morning, 5 months off in the future, seems like a good morning for Tchaikovsky") adds an extra soulless effect -- the way Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms would have wanted.

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