No shit, Sherlock

O the tales one could tell.

TV Bosses Lament 'Dried Up' Comedy Genre:

The programing chiefs at all six broadcast networks held forth on the sorry state of televised comedy Thursday, blaming a shortage of originality and an abundance of executive meddling.

'I think it's dried up. It's like a prune,' said Gail Berman, president of entertainment at Fox Broadcasting Co., who pinpointed her network's own Emmy-winning 'Arrested Development' as an exception. 'There's nothing new going on.'

Berman and her network rivals shared their thoughts at the Hollywood Radio & Television Society's annual Newsmaker luncheon Thursday at the Beverly Hilton.

Kevin Reilly, president of entertainment at NBC, laid the blame on the excessive amount of creative notes scriptwriters are inundated with by network executives.

'I think the process of making sitcoms is smothering creativity,' he said. 'I think it's a miracle anything gets through.'

So don't blame us (entirely).

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