Just a democracy-eroding thought.

I see this in TAPPED:

"As a side note, one of the Fox hosts tried out what I expect to be a new line of attack emanating from the GOP and its surrogates: If someone is legally registered to vote, why should they worry about being challenged? Now, in fact, this is much in the vein of 'if you haven't committed any crime, why would you object to having the police perform an anal cavity search on you?' I think most people of good common sense can understand why it can be intimidating to have an aggressive, official-looking person sitting behind a desk at the voting station claiming you're a fraud and committing an illicit act. (Especially if that person is challenging your right to vote because the GOP sent you a piece of registered mail and you, not wanting any GOP literature, refused to sign for it. See this important story out of Ohio for the details on that one.) But I expect to hear this line a lot come Election Day."

Why don't the Democrats do this? Why don't they go into suburban, or rural, Ohio, and mete out the exact same treatment? Don't people in suburban, or rural, Ohio have a curiosity about how the other half lives? Sure they do! And here's a chance to live it, cost-free.

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