Late thought on Edwards

Isn't the catchphrase-repetition thing ("Hope is on the way") just a wee tiny bit tired? Or is it that I'm embarassed to shout the same thing back to my TV over and over. (My TV expects more from me.)

In any case, if they're going to do it they should have had Teresa repeat "Shove it" over and over.

T: "And to those who would stop important scientific research, I say..."

CROWD: "Shove it!"

T: "And to those who say that our nation should be divided, not united, I say..."

CROWD: "Shove it!"

Try it at home. It's fun!


Too true

Digby : "There is absolutely no journalism going on there. (And, frankly, there's not much blogging going on either. Wherever the conversation is it isn't taking place in the blogosphere.)"

Amen. The output from the blogs I read is much less than normal. This is bad for the junkie. On the other hand, maybe they're claiming that the contacts they make will help their blogging in the future (exactly like the claim anyone would make who wanted to be comped to a convention, I might add).


You know, I never much cared for Scarborough, but I'm enjoying him on the Convention After Hours thingie. He's pretty funny. Odd face for TV, though (and I know that's a terrible comment, but that's what happens when you put yourself on TV, and I should know.)

Who do you think you are?

Amy Sullivan: "It was not, as I mistakenly thought, 'Mr. Big Stuff' but instead the Staples Singers' 'Respect Yourself.' I have to agree with Tapped's Ayelish McGarvey -- there is good soul music out there; use some of it."

If I may say so, Sheezus. Also the following points:

1. A soul fan should, at minimum, tell "Mr. Big Stuff" from "Respect Yourself"

2. You can say that the Staples Singers was not appropriate soul music. But the claim that it is not good soul music...Mavis Staples is not a good soul singer? The mouth flaps open and shut, but no words emerge.

Somebody needs to send the Gadflyer a Stax anthology.


This pissed me off

Saletan , in Slate: "He vouches for the Massachusetts senator's patriotism (it helps that Kerry actually saw combat and wasn't a mere Army reporter) "

It's just so snide. Lots of people weren't even mere Army reporters, you dig?

This helps cinch Alterman's view that the press trashed Gore because they didn't like him.


All apologies

I recently had a brief period of underemployment where I was hoping how to really learn this blog thing, actually have a blogroll, etc. But instead I went to Tennessee. And now the period of underemployment has come to an end. So the austere look will have to do.

I can still be reached at Deliciouspundit@yahoo.com, tho.

A very late reaction to the Teachout Cultural Concurrence Index

Which I got via Crooked Timber (but can also be found here, and ur-style, here:

If forced to choose between Cheech and Chong, I hope I would have the guts to betray Cheech.

Random thought

Wouldn't "Six Feet Under" be a more resonant series if that family were named the Feet?

John Kerry: The Candidate For People Who Hate To Be Touched

Watching Kerry on the ESPN game tonight and had a shameless cheerleading thought; while trying to think well of Kerry this story about -- yes! -- G. Washington came to mind:

During the meeting of the Constitutional Convention I Philadelphia in 1787 a group of Washington's friends were remarking on his extraordinarily reserved and remote manner, even among his most intimidate acquaintances. Gouverneur Morris, who was always full of boldness and wit, had the nerve to disagree. He could be as familiar with Washington, he said, as with any of his other friends. Alexander Hamilton called his bluff by offering to provide a supper and wine for a dozen of them if Morris would, at the next reception Washington gave, simply walk up to him, gently slap him on the shoulder and say, "My dear General, how happy I am to see you look so well." On the appointed evening a substantial number were already present when Morris arrived, walked up to Washington, bowed, shook hands, and then place his left hand on Washington's shoulder and said, "My dear General, how happy I am to see you look so well." The response was immediate and icy. Washington reached up and removed his hand, stepped back, and fixed his eye in silence on Morris, until Morris retreated abashed into the crowd."

Not that Kerry's anything like Washington, but it does seem like he's in a bygone era. Now you have to be able to be clapped on the back, etc., to seem like a Real Guy. It's almost (almost) like Kerry seems phony because he's not good at being phony.

Until you hear him talk, that is.


Life during wartime

Via Yglesias: "The Washington Post reminds us that the United States Department of Defense is run by an admitted war criminal"

Cry it from the rooftops if you like. But isn't that what people want?


Second thought of Fafpost

Although it would have been better if Faf had put a period after the "no."

Why I like Fafblog

For this. "Is there anything you can do to stop them? No, these pies are like the pies of Nature, swift and unstoppable."

It's the "like" that's really the best part of that -- pies of nature as metaphor (a subject I have a truly fascinating proof of, which space does not permit me to write).




Holy Joe, a trackback!

And from the best, too.

Christ, I better get out of the electric-love-cruise-wagon and get back to trying this blogging thing.